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Classic Real Success Stories of Weight Loss



Joy of Slimming

Weight Loss Success Story #01

You must begin to implement your big plan to lose weight, but also want to look at people taking action around you, in fact, weight loss is not so difficult as your imagination, after going through a course of treatment of youthful beauty (anti-aging diet) capsules, I cut 2-3 inches of waist fat in an average of one month, meanwhile, I had less appetite, soon became full, no longer felt hungry, but also very energized in work effort. In short, the weight loss was very rewarding, it changed my eating habits!​

Slimming makes me see hope and future

Lose Weight Success Story #02

Through friends I knew youthful beauty (anti-aging diet) capsules for weight loss treatment was very effective, I also wanted to try, but worried about the side effects on the body, I had relatively high blood lipids, never thought by taking youthful beauty (anti-aging diet) capsules, this month my blood lipids dropped from 280 to 170, a drop of more than 100, but also my memory was significantly improved than before, energy was also more abundant than before, I am very pleased youthful beauty (anti-aging diet) capsules can not only help me successfully lose weight, also able to improve quality of my life at same time.





Tailored Way to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Success Story #03

Lose weight requires method, and more importantly to pay attention to health. Dr. Jing Chen has a unique technique and a high standard. Tailored to fat patients’ cause, age and constitution, develops the most suitable way to lose weight, let the result becomes even better. I was the new patient of Chen Jing’s clinic in Los Angeles, United States last week, unexpectedly reduced by 5 pounds in a week, belly became flat, defecation smoother and ruddier complexion, weight loss by youthful beauty (anti-aging diet) capsules are really amazing.

My Road to Weight Loss

Weight loss Success Story #04

Weight loss products are everywhere on the market, people don’t know where to begin, I tried many methods, tried and failed repeatedly, I thought could not lose weight successfully in this life. One day, I came to Chen Jing Chinese medical clinic and inadvertently saw an introduction about “youthful beauty (anti- aging diet) capsules” product, my heart moved, and would like to try. Never knew after taking a course of the medicine, I unexpectedly reduced10-15 pounds on average. So excited seeing the result, I succeeded.



DOB: 08/20/70

Weight loss Success Story #05

HT: 5’-00”

The first treatment: 01/06/09, 210 pounds
After 2 months treatment, she lost 30 pounds and over 9 inches.
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