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With over 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Jing Chen is a world-renowned practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and visiting world scholar. His expertise is best exemplified in the book ‘Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture’, taking over six years to complete. Translated into more than ten languages. This classical textbook on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture won the China National No.1 Award. Dr. Chen’s dedication and skill are best displayed in his unique methods of diagnosis and treatment, where every patient is given the utmost attention towards achieving positive results. 


Is it possible to discover, screen natural botanicals and plant foods around the world, which can lose weight while having anti-aging effects, year-round taken without any side effects?
          Yes. It is the latest research results developed by the American Herb Scientific Company after 35 years of botanical herbal research.
          SLIM N YOUNG Youthful beauty (anti-aging diet) is a set of weight loss product combining weight loss and anti-aging effects in one, contains an exclusive anti-aging unique formula, contains most effective wild natural ingredients which grow in South Africa as Hoodia (hoodia), Apple polyphenol, Radix Codonopsis, Rehmannia, Polygonum, Ganoderma, Ophiopogon, Sealwort, Adenophora and many kinds of natural botanicals and plant foods prescription, doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients.

Product Effects:

  • Comprehensive Effects of Youthful Beauty (Anti-Aging Diet)Capsules:
  • Reduce hips, waistline, minus legs and other fats, the body doesn’t lose moisture while reducing fat;
  • Supplement Qi, kidney, increase blood circulation, resolve stasis, nourish Yin, laxative;
  • Increase the body’s endurance, reduce fatigue, reduce pressure, and maintain youthful vigor;  
  • Slimming can give the skin plump and moisture, resilience and elastic recoil;
  • Improve and regulate immune system function.


  • Maintain cardiovascular intima smoothness, slow intimal degenerative changes, often taken can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease;
  • Conducive to complement vitamin, minerals, trace minerals and other essential elements;
  • Through “healthy energy diet” to reduce weight;
  • Reduce the appetite, not easily hungry.
       Drawing on research results of thousand years of ancient Chinese medicine, focusing on selection of the world multinational clinical effective herbal medicine, combined the most effective traditional Chinese herbal medicine with western effective botanical medicine, developed and refined the new herbal health products. Increase the liver’s ability to metabolize fat, including accelerate fat metabolism and the Krebs cycle, no special exercise needed to achieve weight loss goal — Weight loss to reduced fat! Not reduce moisture, muscle, bone or energy. Weight loss products are nutritional supplements can promote and enhance a number of physiological functions of the body, especially in enhancing immune function, extending length of chromosome end, has a special role in extend life and anti-aging.
     Through America’s most effective herbal processing technology presently, produced and refined relatively safe, less side effects and essentially different from synthetic chemical drugs

Slim n young

Test Data:

  • An open trial of 12-week supervised by a physician;
  • 42 women and 13 men as test subjects;  
  • Between the ages of 20 to 64;  
  • Provide a short-term training for each person to inform them benefits of healthy eating;
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment every four weeks: vital parameters, weight, appraisal of appetite, appraisal of energy;
  • 12 weeks lose weight more than 30 pounds over 50%; weight loss over 25 pounds accounted for over 20%; weight loss over 15 pounds accounted for over 10%; weight loss over 50 pounds accounted for over 20 %;
  • Course of Treatment of Slimming
  • Design of course of treatment of sliming
  • Taking youthful beauty (anti-aging diet) capsules three months as a course of treatment, lose about 10 -15 pounds after one month on average;
  • According to each person’s weight loss goal, choose from one to three course of treatments,    reducing until satisfied with result;
  • Want to maintain long-term satisfactory results of weight loss achieved, it is recommended to continue taking maintaining amount of two bottles a month, not easy to rebound.
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